Covid 19 Information

Important Coronavirus Information:

  • Due to extra costs involved in reopening the salon, all discounts and vouchers will be postponed for the time being. 

  • I can currently only work by appointment. No walk ins at the moment.

  • There will be a hand cleanser should you wish to use it. 

  • We can't have anyone waiting inside for their appointment, so please turn up for your appointment at your appointment time.

  • I will be wearing a visor and a mask, but don't worry, my smile is still beaming underneath.

  • It's now compulsory to wear a mask in the salon.

  • It will pretty much be lone appointments in the salon, however, on the odd occasion that somebody else is in there, please stay 2 metres away. 

  • We can't have coffee, tea or food in the salon and I would strongly recommend bringing in your own water. I can get you some in a disposable and compostable cup if you don't.

  • Can you just bring with you what is essential, so no extra bags please.

  • We love dogs. All dogs. However, you need to leave your four legged rapscallions at home. 

  • Please attend appointments alone, unless someone else from your household is having an appointment as well. In which case, they can be in the salon enjoying the chat too.

  • Please use cards for payments where possible.

  • If I'm with another client, I won't be answering the phones. And I now have Whatsapp, so you can send me a message, email me, or leave a voicemail. The salon mobile for Whatsapp is 07311669638.

  • I strongly recommend getting your next appointment in either on the day of the appointment or beforehand, as I'm getting very busy.

  • OK, the biggy: please don't come to your appointment if you feel unwell, have a constant cough or high temperature. I'm waiving the late cancellation notice for the time being. 

  • We have chosen the absolute greenest and loveliest cleaning products to meet the guidelines requirements. And its all good for the environment too, so that's a win!